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Haha, whoops
Saturday. 6.21.08 3:47 pm
I've been gone for a week, and I'm about to leave for another. After that, I've got more stuff going on, so it's hard to say if I'll be online much for the next...month or two. Meh. Let's just say I won't be reading your blog or responding to comments. I probably won't post, but if I do it'll most likely be during the week coming after this one.

Horizon 2008 was...good. It's always good, but I feel like new stuff is always opening up for me. And by its very nature, that never gets old, does it?

I guess I'm learning to trust more in God. For the longest time, I've kind of tried self subsisting. I acknowledge the source of my (His) strength, but I still kind of tried to do it myself.

I need to stop treating God like a concept and more like...a person. Something that we treat as if it's less real than we are, or something we can dissect, but is just beyond all that. Assigning Him motives and such is silly. I do that. A lot. He doesn't do well with being stuffed in the conceptual box of my mind.

Hopefully with that mindset, I can defeat a few bad habits. Imagine doing something bad, even if it seems small and petty, with God standing right behind you! Not just a spirit that loves me, but a super-personal being that loves me and hates my sin. Makes me think twice before I do something stupid. Yup yup.

By the way...I've always heard "God is Love", but I saw a shirt this week that said "Love is God"...is it just me, or does that make LIFE look different? Maybe it's just my hopeless romanticism. Heh.

Some pretty powerful stuff. Manly men crying. A fateful purchase. God speaks.

(messing around)

I got me a hankerin'!

Hey long time no see
I mentioned earlier that you should be around more often and then along comes this post saying "I'll be gone more often." Way to go Stevo.

Glad you had a good experience. Eye-openers are always good, if that's what Horizons was for you. And for the rest of this entry, well, you know where I stand :)
» The-Muffin-Man on 2008-06-21 04:27:48

It's interesting to me because I see it as more of psychology than spirituality. I'm really interested in the subject of the human mind and religion is a great way to look at it.

Actually what I think is more interesting is that you'd care about whether or not my "viewpoint could change..." I'm living a great life right, but do you think it could be better if my stance did change? I don't know, maybe I have too much dignity...or worse, pride (*gasps* the Cardinal Sins), but bowing my head to some great, invisible man sounds purely ridiculous to me.

I won't say it'll NEVER happen, though...because only a Sith deals in absolutes (Star Wars). Just...probably not :) I'm open to the possibility of such a dude existing, but even then I wouldn't worship him. I think, therefore I am. He is not me, therefore I do not think of him.
» The-Muffin-Man on 2008-06-21 05:34:45

Have fun with whatever you'll be doing offline.
» randomjunk on 2008-06-21 09:47:30

We miss you buddy
» Brutaly on 2008-06-21 09:55:10

"I'm sorry if this is getting annoying, but some people choose their atheism or agnosticism not because they've carefully researched and made a selection that they see makes sense, but simply because they don't like it."
First of all, it's not annoying :)
Second of all, you hit it on the dime...I just don't like it. Ta-da, plain and simple. You can think I am misguided, but we are two different people. It woks for you, it doesn't work for me. Some people smoke pot, it doesn't agree with me, therefore I abstain. And I'm NOT trying to parallel religion with drugs, but you get the analogy.

"Do you want to be a silly putty that is molded by every aspect of society it meets?"
Over the course of this year I figured out who I was and what I stood for, so I am going to be the hardest ball of silly putty you ever met in your life. I've already established my identity, and just because I haven't gone soul-searching and discovered what you think I should have doesn't mean I am going to be making choices that aren't true to myself.

Once upon a time I used to care about evolution vs. creationism. I don't know how the world began, but I don't think I need too, either. That kind of stuff is so beyond human comprehension....some people explain it with religion, some with science. I can't hope to understand it, so I've decided to stop trying. I just want to live life, have fun, and die happy. Does that make me ignorant? Maybe. My "nose is too deeply buried" in the world arond me. The world around me is friends, family, my sport, and my future....is ther something wrong with that?

I don't mean to take an aggressive tone, but I am frustrated; we will probably never understand one another. But I respect you and your opinions and I hope you can say the same of me...and so long as that never changes then I am always willing to hear what you have to say.
» The-Muffin-Man on 2008-06-21 10:00:23

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