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I'm curious
Wednesday. 8.13.08 1:23 pm
I'm curious about the way some things become so popular, even if they're just mediocre. The problem is that I don't partake in those things, (i.e. the Jonas Brothers or Twilight series) so it's hard for me to say how well or poorly done those things really are.

I CAN say, though, that Weezer's new album has at least 5 great songs (I heard them on the radio) and that, unfortunately, I think the Pork and Beans video is just as awesome as everyone else thinks, which was probably the point. It's so obvious that they wanted attention for that song/video, but they did such a good job that I grudgingly love it anyway. -sigh-

And hey, check it out. I'm not such a whiny little prick anymore. About, say, half of my posts from this year so far have been depressing, angry, whiny, or just a chore to read. (Trust me, I know. And I'm sorry!) The other part was probably me recounting an event that I wanted to commit to history, so they don't count.

The point is, those feelings are mostly gone. Yes, I still get frustrated with people. A lot. I still can't quite let things that I deem bad go; I still go out of my way to try to fix everything that I think is wrong. But, overall, I have a thoroughly better outlook on life, and I have a better understanding of why I act the way I do. Best yet, I want to fix it.

Life isn't exactly pleasant, but I'll live. With some help.

Re: I agree that there is an immediate sense of disappointment upon realizing.. it's not real. But I've had many dreams I've very much wanted to be true. And after so many, you accept the dreams as moments of unrealistic happiness. I once dreamed that there was a box of Ferrero Rocher candy in a kitchen cabinet. Upon waking, I immediately checked the kitchen cabinet to discover my subconscious was tricking me.

Mmmh, I would like to say that you have hurdled the most difficult part by overcoming the feelings that caused you to be "whiny" I suppose. Though I haven't any insight as to why you felt so, I can say that a number of people reside in the "livable" circumstances of life. But how one exists in these circumstances can be quite unique.
» yourcupoftea on 2008-08-13 02:38:15

I don't know how the Jonas Brothers are popular either. I had the misfortune of stumbling upon one of their songs while listening to the radio. The guy who does vocals has a terribly nasally voice. I suppose if you can be packaged and marketed towards the Disney Generation, you can have it made. Oh, that, and you have to be a virgin.

Weezer's new album IS awesome. So is their single, Pork and Beans. Why else use the Internet if not for your own benefit? Weezer has done it and done it well. If they half-assed the video, they would of lost a lot of street-cred. Or in this case, iCred (or e-cred?).
» eroosterton on 2008-08-13 03:22:45

Propaganda! Or people just like things because other people like things.
» randomjunk on 2008-08-13 04:22:36

I would suggest you stay far away from the Twilight series. You'll come out of it feeling totally disappointed, I think. It isn't well put-together and...gah, she just says SO MUCH. It's not even necessary! I want that 24 hours of my life back!
» Unicornasaurus on 2008-08-13 06:50:02

First of all, screw the Jonas Brothers and the rest of the insanely popular musical sensations that Disney has produced.

Second of all...those old, disgruntled, posts you used to make weren't hard to read. You rant intelligently, as opposed to much of the blogging population who only knows how to complain. Big difference.
» The-Muffin-Man on 2008-08-14 12:06:15

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