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Thursday. 7.30.09 11:50 pm

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I got very lucky on youtube one time and found a music video made of clips from Halo and this song. After that, my friend Kierra just-so-happened to buy their new two-disk album (joyjoyjoy) and let me have it for a while. Kamelot rocks my socks; they are, in my opinion, the best example of symphonic metal. Except it's more opera metal, isn't it? The album was called Ghost Opera, as is one of the songs on it, and that seems like a pretty good way of describing them.

Swim practice starts tomorrow. Gotta get up early, like I tried to do this morning. Funny story, actually.

Well, not really.

Anyway, I can't stay on any longer, so later.

Yeah, it is bow hunting skills, I changed it for my own purposes. Cool song.
» Zanzibar on 2009-07-31 05:23:01

Hey so you're considering Brown, all right, awesome. Brown is a pretty sweet place, they have lots of cool traditions that I don't get to participate in because I'm a grad student [lame!]. It seems like Brown undergrads are always really happy, too, I guess recently they were voted happiest school or something, I would definitely agree with that. There are no real core requirements (which I think is a little strange for a liberal arts school) but it means that you can really take whatever classes you want. They also are really lenient about grades where they never really give you a cumulative GPA and you can drop a class the day before the final and it won't even show up on your transcript. It's really easy to do research here if you want to do that- it's a great way to interact with professors. All in all, an excellent variety of classes offered (you can take Egyptian hieroglyphics!) Negatives: the winter is FREEZING... um... your labs and some lower level language classes are taught by TAs (sometimes me, wouldn't that be a positive? ;) )

Yeah, so if you come here to visit I can totally show you around if you want. You can see our lab where we study the planets! We actually have some freshman undergrads working here this summer.

If you like Brown I'd also suggest you should check out Pomona College, where Ranor and I went to college. It is a top small liberal arts college, it is located in beautiful and sunny southern California, the campus is gorgeous, we have two swimming pools, palm trees, etc. What I liked about Pomona was that it had a super relaxed atmosphere but everyone there was still really smart and motivated. Plus, it's a pretty small school, [there are no graduate students] so all your classes and labs are taught by professors whose main job is to teach. You still get to do research with them, though, because they have no grad students to do their research! Plus, even though it is small, there are four other colleges near by which all have a different emphasis (Claremont McKenna, Pitzer, Harvey-Mudd, and Scripps). You can easily take a class at any of these schools (not to mention eat in their dining halls!) From what I know about you through the internet, I think it would be a really good fit because they always get a lot of curious people who like to study but also like to have fun and pursue other interests. You can take free lessons in musical instruments, for example, and a lot of people play sports because they're not so incredibly competitive. Plus you can be camping in the desert or surfing in the ocean in less than 1hr by car!

Anyway, that's my two cents. Back in the day I went and saw a lot of schools, I've actually lived and worked at some of the others, and then all my friends went to different places, so if you have questions about other schools, feel free to ask. I know something about places like Amherst, Hampshire, William and Mary, Cornell, Macalester, Stanford, Cal Berkeley, etc., and I know people who know about a lot of others. Pomona is the best of course, and naturally Brown is pretty sweet too.
» Zanzibar on 2009-08-05 12:02:42

Sorry, that comment was way longer than your entry. :P
» Zanzibar on 2009-08-05 12:03:19



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