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It spreads
Tuesday. 10.9.12 1:08 am

Part of my life entails working with my campus ministry to spread the Gospel. This usually entails sharing my faith with random people, participating in open discussions we call Bible Talks, and getting into personal Bible Studies with people. This can turn into a lot of investment of my time and my heart, with not a lot of gain. Lots of people we study with eventually drop out or get stuck with something that they can't deal with. And that's really discouraging.


Recently I've been helping with the studies of this guy named Matt. This weekend, several nearby churches joined us for a retreat at a camp where we just played around, worshiped, heard some sermons, and generally had a good time with each other. We had a few more studies with Matt during that time, and we decided to put this man in the water.

He got baptized.

I helped baptize him.

I'm not just excited because I held part of some dude under water for a few seconds. Although that was pretty cool. I'm excited because I helped him get into Heaven. The studies, the water, the long late-night talks, all of it. I was actually an integral part of God's plan for somebody! While that by itself might not be as rare as I think, it certainly is rare to SEE the fruits of that investment. This is the first person I've helped baptize. Ever.

I'm so elated. I can't even describe it. Just...GAH, this is so cool! It's literally the only reason I'm still on this planet. If the church is like my family, then I'm actually bringing in new brothers. This is a guy that is going to be an integral part of God's plan in someone else's life! Just...AH

I'm done. I'm done! See?

Sorry to all you guys who think I'm spouting nonsense. You probably don't know what to think of me. That's OK. I don't know what to do with me either. Just...even if you've heard me say this before (a lot of you probably have,) please stop for a moment and consider the possibility that the creator of everything inside and outside of the universe went to the trouble of living as a man and dying as a monster so that you could have the choice to be set free of death. That might mean nothing to you. If it's remotely possible, shouldn't it mean everything?

I am not a good writer. Sorry for the repetitive word usage, folks.

Um... congratulations, I think? (I'm not sure if this is the type of event you congratulate, or if you say "happy" something?)
» randomjunk on 2012-10-09 08:29:33

Haha, well I guess I mostly just use it with my boyfriend... not really many other contexts where I need to be cute.
» randomjunk on 2012-10-11 06:59:38

It's not nonsense. There's no need to apologize for doing something that makes you happy.
» thaitanic on 2012-10-12 03:38:58

Sank is right. =) I'm happy you're happy!
» Silver-dot- on 2012-10-14 05:24:49

I currently volunteer with a student ministry (InterVarsity Christian Fellowship) at the community college I went to and we're having our fall retreat this weekend! I've been pumped all month long--crisp, autumn air, trees, and fire! And I know God's going to do great things for our group, too.

I've never helped *baptize* anyone, but being involved, invested in a person, that helps them to Jesus is amazing. =)
» invisible on 2012-10-18 11:21:51



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