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My Technology Bash
by: myself

I feel the technology is Man’s way of staying alive. Without technology, humans would have died out before agriculture, because farming without tools is just not good enough for a growing population. So, man invents tools, to irrigate, to cultivate, and to protect. For now, man’s new technology means value and ownership, and people are greedy. So there are wars, with new technology in weapons and armor and all sorts of war tools. Then there’s peace, man working together to overcome a problem in nature. New technology is invented, helping with trade, with communication, with luxury. But the problem of value comes up again, of money. Some people grow in power and in wealth, leaving others in the dust. And, since there are more in the dust than on the clouds, revolt is inevitable.

 And it keeps getting worse and worse, becoming a vicious circle with no good end in sight. And then we realize another mistake. With the intention of powering our new toys, our electricity and cars and everything else, we have been destroying the air with fossil fuels, (which, by the way, are going to leave a very angry mankind behind when they suddenly run out) and other things, like our insect repellant, and our aerosol cans. And now, the frantic race to clean the atmosphere and all the rest of our planet that we’ve clear cut, burned down, mined, or even just living there and ruining the natural balance. The frantic race to wean ourselves off of fossil fuels before our economy crashes, because it all comes back down to wealth and power. And even now, another fight, another war, and I hope that there’s at least one more period of peace left afterwards.

We humans, we should never have gotten ourselves kicked out of Eden. We ruined the world for ourselves and everyone else in it. I think we were doomed to extinction, like every other species on this planet is. Technology was our way to prolong our deaths, to maintain, to entertain. But after a while, I’m sure that the same technology will be the death of us all.

If only there was a way to make things good again, to make humans holy and one with God, like in the beggining. Then there would be no need for technology, nor any want. I’m not sure how, but it would work out better than it’s working out now.

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