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by: myself

Humanity, as a whole, is ignorant. Even knowing what I know, (or what I think I know,) I’m ignorant, though not as much as some.

You see, there are two extremes to everything in nature. Everything. Well, everything that I can think of at the moment. These extremes are even in human nature, every aspect of it. Not everyone is at one extreme or another in any of their traits. Some people are in the middle for some things. Maybe they’re “average” in all their traits, but I doubt it. Anyway, extremes go from appetite to kindness (or lack of).

Opinions are also sometimes extreme. The point I’m getting at now is political, but it can be used with humanity and life as a whole. Religion, racism, ethics are all points about which a human can be logical and reasonable or stubborn and excessive, but not always right.

For example, people can’t seem to decide about how they want to be ruled, if there’s ruling at all. The fact of the matter is any and all forms of government are flawed. What we Americans falsely call a democracy is certainly flawed, if the amount of turmoil we’re in is any example. A real democracy also can’t work forever either. Monarchies don’t exactly work. Nobody likes Parliament, sorry to say. Anarchy is probably one of the more stupid options, in my opinion, because with equal authority there’s no authority, and humans just can’t keep their hands to themselves. I can’t think of any other examples, but there must be, and they’ll all be imperfect somehow. Because a government, or lack of it, consists of humans, and humans are pretty imperfect, putting it nicely. God or no God, everyone must agree about at least that much.

So, back to opinions. Since we now know that sometimes everyone can be wrong no matter what, we should know that if there’s no right opinion to be had, then in a weird way, there’s no wrong opinion. That means that every opinion is valid as long as it has good reasoning behind it. This extends from government to my personal favorite, stereotypes. I know of people who actually think that “nerds” are inferior. They don’t act like it, the actually think it. To them, “me” is all that matters. Nobody else has a valid opinion. They hear someone arguing a point, (a very valid one, I might add,) and completely shut them down as a worthless nerd, who cares anyway? That’s just wrong. Thank God (or whoever you want, since I’m on the subject,) that there are people who know better, who respect the basic rights that everyone should have.

Or should they have rights? I think the most horrible thing of all is that after all I just went through to get that out, I might be wrong. It’s just another opinion. Who’s to prove me wrong or right when it comes to human nature? Is this even about human nature? Ignorance isn’t bliss unless you’re ignorant to your ignorance.


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